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Greater Vancouver Market Data

Before investing in real estate, you need to have a deep understanding of what is happening in the current market. This includes considering inventory trends, average days on market, and sales activity. Consider the following reports to help you make an informed decision, or at least identify questions you would like answers to.

How The Reports Help You

These reports help you identify what part of the real estate cycle a geographic region may be in and what trends corroborate that. Use these to help better understand the region you are looking to invest in and to line that up with your investment strategy for that particular part of the real estate cycle. These reports eliminate some of the guesswork and allow you to measure current listings against market averages.

How to Read the Reports

First, select the region you would like to view market data for from the right hand column. Each report shows property types segmented into three categories: detached homes, apartments and townhouses, illustrated by the corresponding colours in the legend on the top. The X axis indicates the year and is consistent across all reports. The Y access changes in each report to show what is being measured, Total Sales, Total Inventory, New Listings, Days on Market, Sales by Property Type and Median Sale Price.

Sales by Property Type

Look at the sales trends of different property types over the past 3 years and compare.

Total Inventory

Assess the total inventory across the 3 main property types for the past 3 years.

Median Price

Compare median sale prices of the various categories: apartments, townhouses and detached homes.

Days on Market

How long have each property category has typically stayed on the market before selling or taken off the market for the past 3 years.

Sales Activity

Determine if it is a Sellers, normalized, or Buyers market by assessing the Sales to Active Ratio in conjunction with other trend key indicators.

New Listings

Identify trends in listing volume by property type over the past 3 years.