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Investing in real estate means putting your money into a safe place, creating stability and peace of mind. A buy and hold investment property creates passive income, meaning money is generated by the tenant renting the property with minimal ongoing effort on the part of the owner. This is one of the biggest advantages of an investment in real estate and why I focus on turnkey properties with a positive cash flow. This allows you to generate income while saving your time to do the things you love.


If you are thinking about investing in real estate, you are probably looking for ways to earn passive income and generate long-term wealth, either to secure your retirement or to create more time for you and your family. I have created an investment system that takes into account your personal goals and does exactly that.


About You

To create a personalized real estate investment strategy, I need to explore your “Why” behind your decision to invest. It’s never about the money, but about the quality of life you are working  to create. 

Together, we highlight your measurable goals and desired outcomes that you want to achieve through real estate investing. This involves identifying your timeline, assessing likes and dislikes, discovering what your strengths and weaknesses are, and setting clear expectations.

Develop Strategies that Work Through Investor Education

My mission is to ensure that everyone I work with has all the information they need, and to educate all clients on the fundamentals of real estate so that you can make informed decisions.

This means supplying market reports, explaining the realities of variations between product types and markets, and looking at how the real estate cycle applies to your goals and expectations. This allows me to determine the opportunities that are the best match for you to begin with.

Build A Diversified Portfolio

At this point, I take what I have learned from you, and put together a basic plan specifically for you. Once this strategy is in place, the acquisition process can begin with the correct structure in place to facilitate it. 

This structure will include how you will purchase and track these properties’ performances, as well as how they will be managed and by whom. 

Sit Back and Watch Your Investment  Work for You

To make sure that you can better understand your monthly investor statements, I make certain that the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are clearly outlined. You will need to track these properties each month, for income and expenses through accounting software or spreadsheet. 

In addition to looking at your property alone, it is important to monitor the market in which you are invested, to assess trends and potential risks or opportunities. This is always a good idea for looking at future markets in which to invest, and I am always happy to discuss new opportunities.

Revisit and Reassess

Conducting an annual review is important, not only to assess how your investment is performing, but how it’s working for you in your life. This needs to be conducted with a realistic perspective and measured against the goals that were set out in the original strategy. 

Reaching out to your mortgage broker at the end of each year to review your finance options and potentially improve your efficiency and effectiveness is an essential step. As with all good plans, revision is essential. I will work with you to determine if adjustments to timelines or property type are necessary.

Communication and thorough diligence are the main ingredients in each of these steps and it all begins with a conversation.

If I had to summarize in one word what Andrew means to me as an investor it would be "SERVICE". Before, during and long after our purchases he has continued to provide professional and helpful advice throughout the entire trans-actions. He works tirelessly on the investor's behalf and always provides timely documentation and information at a moment’s notice. With his knowledge and expertise in Real Estate I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew for property purchases.

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