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  • Sales
  • Total Inventory
  • Median Price
  • Days on Market
  • Sales Activity
  • New Listings

Sales by Property Type

Look at the sales trends of different property types over the past 3 years and compare.

Total Inventory

Assess the total inventory across the 3 main property types for the past 3 years.

Median Price

Compare median sale prices of the various categories: apartments, townhouses and detached homes.

Days on Market

How long have each property category has typically stayed on the market before selling or taken off the market for the past 3 years.

Sales Activity

Determine if it is a Sellers, normalized, or Buyers market by assessing the Sales to Active Ratio in conjunction with other trend key indicators.

New Listings

Identify trends in listing volume by property type over the past 3 years.


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New Westminster
North Vancouver
Pitt Meadows
Port Coquitlam
West Vancouver