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Honesty, I firmly believe, should be the basis of all working relationships.  I am proud of each deal I am involved in and look after my client’s investments as if they were my own, and often I am invested in the same properties.  I enjoy getting to know my clients and discovering what are their goals.  Hard work is important to ensure my clients investments are working for them, so that they can spend time doing the things they love. This is what continues to drive me. 

Born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia, I studied humanities, economics and accounting in school, going on to work in an institutional business, saving them over $600k on a single transaction. This gave me a solid understanding of business operation and management. However, at the core I have always had a passion for real estate.     

In my early 20’s I developed my love for real estate investing, eventually earning my real estate agents license, followed by my managing broker’s license and property management designation. Specializing in real estate investment, finding turnkey properties that fit my client’s goals. I also offer a full suite of residential services, helping my clients to buy their next home or list their current one. Having personally worked with hundreds of real estate investors, I also operated two successful real estate brokerages for over 15 years and am a 30-year veteran of real estate investing and residential real estate.

Life and Family

I love to spend time hiking, surfing, snowboarding and biking, with my amazing wife, Rosalia and our dog Zoso. I also am a firm believer in continual education and love to both learn and teach, doing both at the same time as I authored my first book. In addition to mentoring clients, I also educate and coach other realtors about investment real estate, helping them to understand the importance of great systems, empirical advice, and building relationships. 

Near and dear to my heart are the two causes I support, World Vision , where I sponsor under-privileged children and have volunteered abroad teaching English, and the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. I believe that it is important to give back to your community and to help those around you as well as you can.

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I look forward to getting to know you and learning how I can best assist you in reaching your goals through real estate.

Andrew, your honesty and integrity are such a breath of fresh air in a world where it is often difficult to know who you can trust…Too often we let exemplary service and assistance like yours go unnoticed while complaining vociferously when we do not get this level of service and support. I just want to say "Thank You" for ALL you do.