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How can I ensure this is the right investment for me?

We will meet to discuss investment strategies tailored to your specific goals, while providing you with all key documentation to make an informed investment decision. This documentation includes market overviews, appraisals, engineering reports, rental information and legal reports.

Can a non-resident of Canada purchase these investment properties?

Absolutely! While there are particular rules that apply, such as with mortgage financing, non-residents are welcomed to purchase our strategically selected investment properties.

How realistic are your cash flow projections?

I believe in being conservative with my projections. All assumptions concerning income, expenses, inflation and appreciation are based on the most recent and reputable information available.

Will there be property management options for my investment property?

There are optional property management solutions available to you after you purchase your investment property. These optional property management solutions are presented to you by reputable asset management companies, and vetted by me.

Can I purchase any unit in the property and view the property before I buy?

In the case of a rental property, provided that your chosen unit is available for purchase, you may reserve the unit by placing a deposit. You may view the property personally prior to purchasing by arranging a tour through me. This tour will include viewing individual units, common areas and amenities.

Are there any hidden costs?

I strongly believe in not hiding anything from you. I make sure that you’re fully informed about any costs associated with purchasing an investment property before you invest. For instance, you will receive a report detailing expected maintenance costs for your property during the upcoming 25 years, including the cost of items such as re-roofing and replacing the building’s boiler. I am committed to helping you be completely informed and to never be faced with unexpected issues.

Are there restrictions on selling my property and can you help when I’m ready to sell?

You own and control your investment property, which means you can sell it whenever it suits your needs. And while I encourage you to adopt a long term strategy for your investment properties, I am here to help when you are ready to sell.

Do you have references and can I contact them?

Yes, I can provide references. You are welcome to speak to one of our clients directly or via email by contacting us to access personal references and testimonials from a selection of our satisfied clients.

Can I live in the unit that I purchase?

Yes, you can, because you own and control the unit that you purchase. You would simply have to give the current tenant proper notice.

What is the minimum amount I need to invest in one of your investment properties?

Conventional financing for Canadian properties is typically a maximum of 75 percent of the value of the property (80 percent in some instances). This means that you will need 25-20 percent of the purchase price, in the form of cash and/or alternative financing, as a deposit. You can use a secured or unsecured line of credit or many clients use the equity in their homes as a source of capital for a down payment. Keep in mind that the interest paid on these funds is tax deductible.

Do you own the same investment properties you are offering for sale?

I own properties in the very buildings we are offering you. My deep-rooted belief in the value of investment real estate, coupled with their confidence in our proven systems and processes is why I have included these properties in my own personal investment portfolio.

How do I know how well my unit is performing financially?

If you choose to participate in the optional property management solutions, you will receive monthly statements from the property rental management company for your building. These individual monthly investment property statements outline the income, expenses and disbursements for your unit.

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