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The BIG Benefit of Lifestyle Investing!

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Lifestyle is all about improving the quality of your life through real estate and a well constructed strategy. Create the experiences you want for yourself and learn how to do so with the right real estate investment strategy.

This blog is a bit of a personal sharing and reflection on gratitude during the US Thanksgiving holiday, which feels so appropriate.

We all know that we can work hard and invest to create a better quality of life for ourselves and our families.  We can go on vacations to various beautiful places and that is great. I personally find it very rewarding to invest in properties in places that I like to regularly go. This way I have a home base and don’t have to live out of a suitcase. This approach permits me to have the property at least pay for itself while I am not using it.  For me, this idea is the very essence of lifestyle investing.

Owning a Lifestyle investment property permits you to go to a place to decompress, disconnect from the busy day-to-day, and experience the beauty and subtleties that so often go unnoticed and appreciated.

Yesterday, Maui had a gale wind warning, and I noticed this sea turtle decided to take some time on the beach and it reminded me that when the seas get rough, sometimes one needs to get on shore, take a breather and assess one`s situation before getting back into the fray.

Sometimes life hands you a challenge and you have a decision to make. Does it define you or do you use it to learn and be better?  You can`t have a rainbow without a little rain for the sun to shine through and show how spectacular life can be. The key is that you need to be present to see what is right in front of your eyes.

There are so many things for which I am truly grateful.  Besides the obvious great aspects in my life such as Rosalia, Zoso, my family, close friends, good health, abundance, successful investments, fantastic business connections, and wonderful clients, I realized the true benefits of owning a lifestyle investment property and how much of a gift it is to me.

2022 has been less than a fantastic year for many people including myself, and so by reflecting and taking time to stop, decompress and reflect,  am able to recharge and realign myself with what is really important to me and how I want to be in life.

By taking this time to disconnect, decompress, recharge, and reflect, I become more effective and reengage to the essence of my core being and this ultimately helps me live my fullest life. Owning a lifestyle vacation property allows me to do this several times a year and is a great investment as well.

I hope by sharing these thoughts and images with you that it will in some way, create a positive impact. Contact me in the New Year if you want to learn more about how to benefit from a fantastic lifestyle vacation property.


From us to you hauʻoli, maluhia, kaulike, and mahalo iā ʻoe (Happiness, Peace, balance, and thank you).

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