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Willow Estates

Willow Estates

4700-55 Street, Red Deer, AB, T4N 2H8


A Prime Opportunity to Invest in one of Alberta’s Robust and Growing Cities.

Welcome to Willow Estates in Red Deer, Alberta

  • Concrete Construction…
  • 1 & 2 bedroom suites with either large balcony or patio, and in-suite storage…
  • Common social room amenity…
  • Central location next to a park and 5 minutes walk to dowtown…
  • Owner Occupier and Tenant friendly

a unique opportunity in Red Deer!

Willow Estates is ideally located in the central neighbourhood of Red Deer; amongst a well-maintained single and multi-family home community, that is enhanced by an abundance of parkland, close proximity to schools, public transit, downtown and convenient access to many other urban amenities.

Red Deer vacancy rate at 5.4% According to CMHC Spring Rental Market Report

Demand for rental continues to grow.

$915k renovations in 2014…


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