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Look Before You Leap

but LEAP!

An Insiders Guide to Profitable Real Estate Investing

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6 reasons why you need
Look Before You Leap, but Leap!

Avoid the mistakes that others have made

I provide examples of the pitfalls to avoid and how to better position yourself so you can benefit from my 30 years of experience

Build a personalized real estate investing strategy

This is not a book about one strategy, its about how to find the right strategy, for you!

A framework for taking action

Not just a strategy on paper but an actionable list you can use to begin investing today

Real Estate Investment is changing every day

Your investment properties insulate you against inflation, you need this book to protect yourself!

Get the best tenants in a competitive market

Learn how to get the right tenants in your property and how to manage it without headache

Learn to find the best cash-flow properties

Add additional revenue to your income, learn how to find great cash-flowing properties in any market

For planes, trains or your morning commute

Get “An Insiders Guide to Profitable Real Estate Investing.” as an E-Book and equip yourself to start investing wisely in real estate.

Investing in real estate can be very lucrative if you know when to buy, when to sell and what pitfalls to avoid. If you want to know what the right steps are, this is a must read!

What's inside?

Chapter 01

Where Do You Start?

Real Estate can be an attractive investment but how do you start? Find out what drives you and how that needs to be considered in order to construct a successful strategy.

Chapter 02

The 7 Profit Centers

Utilizing the 7 profit centers strategy is a really effective way to build your wealth in real estate because it focuses on optimizing every aspect to maximize the profitiability from your property investments.

Chapter 03

Real Estate Cycles

There were great sums of money made from investing in real estate over the 2001-2007 period then came the financial crisis of 08, and since then many markets have had tremendous recoveries.

Chapter 04

Real Estate Investing

There are a few general approaches to using real estate to diversify your portfolio. Which approach is best? No one answer is right for everyone because each individuals situation is unique.

Profits Go Towards These Special Organizations

Look before you Leap, but LEAP!

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I have always wanted to invest in real estate but didn't know where to start. Andrew helped me figure out what kind of investor I was first. Now I know what kind of opportunities to look for.