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9 Reasons Why Canadians are Buying, Investing In, and Moving to Mexico

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A better lifestyle, amazing weather, and a lower cost of living are just some of the many reasons Canadians are purchasing real estate in Mexico.

Rather than talking about all the doom and gloom of inflation, rising interest rates, supply chain issues, etc., I wanted to share some sunshine and happy thoughts with you!

I chose to buy a lifestyle property in Mexico and am sharing some of the top reasons I did. I hope that some will resonate with you.

1) Amazing Weather

The weather in Mexico is better year-round compared to Canada, especially in our winters. In Canada, it is not only the cold, rain, and snow that I am finding less appealing every day, but it is also the dark and dreary grey skies. I find myself craving the warm oceans and vitamin D that feed my skin, body, and soul.

The average temperature ranges from about 9oC/48oF to 35oC/95oF  depending on what region of Mexico. “Yeah, but what about that rainy season in Mexico?” The rainy season is generally very short, as it lasts from June to October depending on the region of the country, and that doesn’t mean it rains almost every day like it can in Vancouver.

2) Lower Cost of Living

With affordability being a huge buzz word here in Canada, it is worth understanding how living is more affordable in Mexico. As of 2022, Mexico was on average 52% cheaper to live than in Canada. Food is about 38% less, housing is about 62% less, transportation about 56% less, and personal care about 52% less than in Canada. Meaning your money goes further!

3) Better Lifestyle

The combination of great weather and lower cost of living provides an excellent foundation for a more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. Just think, you’re not shovelling snow for potentially months or dealing with the bitter cold. Mexico is far more laid back and has a very friendly, family, relationship oriented, and traditional culture.  Mexico is full of wonderful, art, music, fiestas, and people there are so much more “chill” about the things we tend to stress about here.

4) Cheaper Real Estate Prices in Mexico

While Mexico is not the cheapest country in which to buy properties, it is dramatically less expensive than in Canada. Of course oceanfront and resort areas are always going to command a higher price compared to other areas no matter what country you are looking in.

The average home prices range depending on regions and type of desired home but they are significantly less expensive than in Canada. The tourist destinations tend to remain popular for Canadians for obvious reasons. In my earlier blogs Mexican Real Estate: What you need to know parts 1, 2 & 3 I discussed some of the things you would need to consider before purchasing. Please note not all Mexican communities have an organized real estate multiple listing system, which is why I have created professional connections in many of the west coast destinations.

5) Proximity to Canada

Because Mexico is one of three countries making up North America, it is generally very easy to travel to there. Mexico is just a few short hours flight away from most regions in Canada and most Mexican destinations have direct flights. However, travelers can also get there by cruise ship, sailing, or even driving there. The entry requirements to Mexico are easy, and currently there are 11 airlines that fly from Canada to Mexican destinations.

6) Excellent Health Care

Mexico offers a first rate medical services. It has been touted as the #2 medical tourism destination in the world. It is not only about excellent medical service but also at dramatically reduced prices and no real wait times.

Reports indicate that the costs for like treatments and surgeries are a fraction of what they would cost in the US and Mexico offers a private and public healthcare system and in some cases medical work may be covered by your provincial healthcare plan. BUT you NEED to check with your province before any assumptions. As a foreigner or if you become an expat, it is also recommended investigate international health insurance plans before you depart Canada.

7) Flavourful Food

Mexico is known for more than tacos and margaritas. The variety and quality of foods is fantastic, fresh, and cheap because so much of it is grown there. There are different regions that have specialties and many are becoming foodie destinations.  I could write an entire blog on this subject, but to give you a quick example, the best and most tender octopus I have had in my entire life was in a little hole in the wall burrito and beer place in Bucerias, Narayit.

Agriculture and food production play an important role in the Mexican economy and the government is urging more growth in that sector especially since the pandemic.

8) Warm Caring People & Culture

Mexico is rich in tradition and culture. Mexicans have been known to be among the happiest people/culture in the world. They believe in family, religion, relationships, and tradition. This doesn’t mean that they are stuck in a world past, but they bring their traditions and customs into the modern world as a foundation. Despite headlines that we may read, you will notice welcoming locals, many celebrations and fiestas and a real sense of warmth and things are alright. In many of the larger centres English is spoken and understood as a second language, although learning Spanish is recommended.

9) Many Canadians Already Live There (CDN communities)

It is estimated that there are approximately 80,000 Canadians living part or full time in Mexico. Canadians are buying, living part time or retiring in many Mexican cities because of all of the aforementioned reasons and the fact that there are already a growing number of Canadians living or planning to live there.  There are several places around Mexico that are attracting expats. Whether it in clusters, gated communities or even spread out it is not hard to find a Canadian in many Mexican communities. There are Facebook groups, blogs and other digital ways to connect with fellow Canadians when in Mexico. In the Bucerian gated townhouse community I purchased, there are already 3 of us Canadian owners.

Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in more details where I purchased.

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